SANTOS Evaluation Field Experiment August 2001

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ECG EDA EMG preparation
EMG Varioport recorder ready! signal check
instructions EMG, ECG, EDA SANTOS display start of recording
effect of braking effect of extreme ACC situation effect of approaching leading vehicle nonsuppressed telephone call

These video frames are taken from a video documentation about the SANTOS project. You see data aquisition for measurement of drivers' mental workload with three psychophysiologic measures. Subject rides a SANTOS demonstrator. The demonstrator is equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control, Heading Control and on-line driver workload estimation. The latter uses information from a map tracker using an enhanced NAVTECH SDAL geographic database, the CAN bus interface and an ACC system running on a PUMA (it does not matter if you do not understand this technical stuff). High values of estimated workload lead to suppression of incoming telephone calls, i. e. these are redirected to the telephone mailbox. The bottom row shows three typical situations with high workload estimations (look at the red line immediately above the map tracker window when playing the video clips) and finally a 'normal' (standard addition task) unsuppressed telephone conversation with a hands-free phone.

Maria Peissner, Juergen Werse, Walter Piechulla, 2001